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[[ Fantasia is offering a very special promotion ]]


Fantasia is offering a very special promotion, be sure not to miss this great opportunity to get yourself a Fantasia doll for a great price! 

You now have the chance to buy the following dolls of the Fly me to the moon -series for a 30% discount:

- Jupiter , Jin , Isaac , Alice , Vivian

Promotion validity period : Until 31st December 2016

This the final sale for all the above mentioned heads and bodies. 

Once this promotion period ends, the Fly me to the moon series will not be available for purchase any longer as they will be replaced by entirely new series.

If you are interested in this special promotion, act fast to capture this opportunity! 

※ Order Lead Time is between 10-60 days

We had manufacturing problems with first manufacturing batches and are terribly sorry for all the inconveniences caused to our early customers. 

As these issues have now been solved we are able to ship in shorter time.

※ Promotion quantity is limited to total of 50 dolls regardless of the type

Please keep in mind the promotion will end once the promotion period ends or the whole quantity has been sold out, whichever comes first. 

[[ Natural Tan Skin Released - It is now possible to order Fantasia Doll with Natural Tan Skin ]]

Due to several requests from our customers we have decided to offer Natural Tan Skin Option. 

It’s possible to check out Natural Tan Skin’s color and sample images in Fantasia website “Fantasia Elder Woman Classic Body B type”.

Please understand that due to the manufacturing costs of Natural Tan Skin option being more than double to Normal or White Skin the pricing is more aggressive.


[Item Details]


Item Name : Vivian

Item Component : Head + Body + 12mm Eyes, unique only for Fantasia Elder + Genuine product with certificate + Product manual + Box

Eyes Size : 12mm Eyes only for Fantasia

Wig Size : 8inch

Optional Body Type : Fantasia Elder Woman Classic Body A type or Fantasia Elder Woman Classic Body B type


※ You can check detailed images of the body on “Body” product.




[Fantasia Elder Woman Classic Body Size Details]


Height (incl. head) - 64cm

Neck diameter - 10cm

Width (at shoulders) - 13.8cm(A type) ~ 14.3cm(B type)

Chest diameter (A) - 28cm 

Chest diameter (B) - 30cm

Chest diameter (C) - 32cm

Waist diameter - 20cm

Hip diameter - 32.6cm

Length of arm (incl. hand) - 26cm 

Thigh diameter - 17.8cm

Length of leg (incl. foot) - 34cm

Length of foot - 8.7cm 


※ Measurements may slightly differ depending on method of measurement used.




[FANTASIA DOLL Layaway plan Announcement]


It is possible to apply for a Layaway Plan option when you order our products.


[Layaway Plan Instructions]

Step 1.
Order the products.
Step 2.
When you order the product, attach layaway plan application form in customer request section.
(you can copy layaway plan form from above and and paste it on customer request section)
Step 3.
Deposit the down pay ment. Deposit is 30% of total amount.
(Fantasia Paypal -->
Step 4.
Your order is complete after deposit of down payment.

[Layaway Plan Form]
I want to apply layaway plan payment and agreeagree to all Terms & Conditions.  --> (yes)
Deposit date and amount of down payment. (minimum 30% of total order amont )

[Terms & Conditions]
1. The order deposit will be minimum 30% of total amount
2. Final payment for remaining 70% must be paid in full by the end of production lead time
 (shown independently for each item)
3. It is possible to pay remaining 70% in installments, but this is limited to maximum 4 separate deposits.
4. Whenever you make an installment payment or a payment for the full amount, please leave a message on our Q&A section
5. The deposit for layaway plan is not eligible for refund if the order is cancelled

Please feel free to ask if you have questions about Layaway Plan in Q&A, we will respond to you as soon as possible。




[Exchange / Refund / After-Sale Service]


Following cases we are not considered to exchange or refund if it's Urethane product manufacturing process.

- Defects that are actually characteristics of ball jointed dolls

- Except face, minor air pockets, scratches, spots, dusts or bubbles etc.

- Parting lines caused by silicone injection molding process

- Gate remove mark caused by production process

- Color differences between optional parts and main parts from different orders

- Partial transparency due to thin urethane layer (ie. head magnets or backlight can be visible)

- Urethane residues


Exchange and refund requests accepted only through email ( It is not possible to exchange or refund after 7 days.


※The actual color may differ from the images due to color calibration of your device's screen.




[Important Information  and Cautions Regarding Natural Tan Skin]


It’s possible to check out Natural Tan Skin’s color and sample images in Fantasia website “Fantasia Elder Woman Classic Body B type”.


Natural Tan Skin's production method is different from Normal and White thus there is some phenomenon occurred unavoidably.

- Apart from main parts, some minor spots and marbling may be visible

- Apart from main parts, some minor dust like dots may be visible 

- Some minor marks at gates may be visible due to manufacturing process

- Joint movement friction may cause some color difference

- Natural Tan Skin requires more detailed care than Normal or White Skin




[Payment & Shipping Details]


The order will be automatically cancelled, if not paid within 7 days from placing the order.


As this is a special, limited edition item, pre-ordered items cannot be exchanged or refunded unless there is a manufacturing defect in the product.

Please consider carefully before making the decision to buy.


Delivery will take place within 10~60 business days from the date of payment receipt.


All shipments will be made through EMS (Express Mail Service)




This is a basic mobility demonstration of Fantasia Elder Woman Classic Body.

Fantasia’s body has many advantages and the most important point is in joint mobility. Our dolls are also able to maintain the pose until the user changes it.

In addition, minimized incision joints assure beautiful body line. 

Elder Man Classic Body has the same mobility as described here.



(Arms test)



(Legs test)

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